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Does multimedia fit into the art world?

the reasons for the as-yet unfulfilled promise of CD-ROMs lie not in the technology, its marketing, or the creative poverty of its designers but in the flawed idea of the medium
Michael Punt `CD-ROM: Radical nostalgia?' 1995

Virtual reality, interactive television and particularly CD Rom. have shown signs of 'hyperbole fatigue' as the technologically led expectations of producers have been unfulfilled.
Michael Punt `CD-ROM: Radical nostalgia?' 1995

`We are always confronted by a phenomenon of collaboration of resistance. We have seen this with painters, the filmakers who diverge, and it is there for all to see in the technosciences. Technical culture is a necessity, just as artistic culture was. Unfortunately, this technical culture has not been developed and remains, to a great extent, elite. There is no deomcratization in this technical culture. When dealing with a given technical object, we must once again diverge. We have to become critical. Impressionism is a critique of photography, documentary a critique of propaganda. Therefore we should today be inaugurating an art critique of technosciences in order to diverge our relation with the technology.'
Paul Virilio Cybermonde, la politique du pire1996