This is a working list of titles for the multimedia component of the Melbourne International Film Festival. It is by no means a final list, and is designed rather to give an up to date picture of the interactive program.

The list profiles interactive works that involve story-telling, with particular regard to local identity. It has an intimate, conversational feel that contrasts with the 'techno' feel of much digital media.

There are several interesting developments relevant to the local multimedia scene:

  • Many are beginning to explore local identity in ways that contrast interestingly with the camp tradition of popular Australian cinema (Strictly Ballroom and Muriel's Wedding). What does Australia look like when shown on the small screen?
  • The list reflects a wave of strong student work, taken from recent graduates of VCA and RMIT.
  • A new genre is emerging of artists working on the web with Flash animations

Cultural phenomena that relate to this list include:

  • Seinfeld
  • South-East Asian students
  • Internet lounges
  • the colour orange
  • kitchen table

Aphasia (

by Lucy Francis

About an imagined nation loosely based on Indonesia, accompanied by reflections on the condition of memory loss. Include some very lovely flash animations.

Beyond Connaught Bridge

by Mahomed Zaihan

Recollection of village in Malaysian rubber plantation. Disarming in casual hospitality and sincerity.

Culture Degree Xerox

by Steve Roberts

Set up as intellectual chat show with a dozen different experts on cultural matters, each speaking from their own booths, supported by libraries. A pantheon of theory.

Fat Kid (

by Clint Cure

Simple and engaging adaptation of comic format to the small screen using Flash animations


by Andre Czausov

Pre-millennial conspiracy of missing persons. Uses the diary as narrative linking point. Intriguing drama.

No Other Symptoms (CD-ROM)

by Suzy Treister

Rosalind Brodsky is a pioneer time-traveller who visits moments in history that matter most to her: London in the swinging 1960s, Russian Revolution, the Holocaust and Sigmund Freud's couch. Apart from engineering temporal movements, she also specialises in thematic vibrators. Visitors to her research centre gradually learn about Brodsy's wide range of life experiences.

Pretty Aprons

by Alyssa Rothwell

In Pretty Aprons an old Singer sewing machine rattles away, making aprons for Christmas gifts. Select and sew your fabric and suddenly you are in a dance hall, watching the ballet mums living out their lost dreams. Drop in on a neighbour for a cup of tea and hear tales of the great flood. Poke at snails whilst the washing dries and ladies gossip at the fence. "Pretty Aprons" allows you to 'sew' your way through stories and explore the lives of women in rural Australia.

Suburban Tao

by Tao Nelson

The Good Cook  

by Michael Buckley

Layers of the cook's life and personality are revealed as the user tracks through the many levels of this large and complex work. Explores restless night of ordinary cook, and his consciousness weaves through the detritus of his day and past life.

Word Of Mouth

by Rosario Silva Guevara

Feature many entertaining sections, such as gossip game, Bjorn, slide projector, lying symptoms.

Born with a Broken Tongue

by Martin Casey

Sigmund Freud - Archeology of the Unconscious

by Nofrontier

  • 1999 International EMMA Award Category General Interest - Arts and Culture
  • 1999 Europrix Multimedia d'Art Category Bringing European Culture to the Digital World
  • 2000 Milia Award

Nofrontiere Design developed this project in cooperation with a work group of research specialists organized by the Sigmund Freud Society that was responsible for the selection and structure of the contents. This group also supported the creative process and the visual development of the project by providing information in scientific matters. Hence Nofrontiere was in the position to make a thematically relevant presentation and interpretation of Freud's theories. Nofrontiere Design perceives the awards for "Sigmund Freud: Archaeology of the Unconscious" as the vindication of the decision to cooperate with a group of respected specialists and psychoanalysts, (Dr, August Ruhs, Dr. Wilhelm Burian, Mag. Michael Wiesmüller) a composer (Rupert Huber) and dramatist (Bruno Max). It has been the case all too often that a well grounded framework is missing that would justify an innovative Multimedia approach to such themes. "Sigmund Freud: Archaeology of the Unconscious" has gone a step further in this respect. It combined specific parameters that created an ideal scenario for the treatment of the subject at many levels and permitted the development of an engaging multimedia narrative form. The juxtaposition of scientific argumentation and the presentation of a metaphorical landscape of ideas are the basis for the content conceptualization, which included abstract concepts, (transference) and data (emigration), as well as biographical and material information. These elements are all integrated in a heterogeneous universe in this project.

SissyFight 2000

by Eric Zimmerman

An engrossing multiplayer game about girls abusing each other in a schoolyard. Players are forced to make alliances and emenies in an attempt to survive the cruetly of young girls. Choose between tease, scratch, cower, grab, tattle or sucking you lollypop.


by Michelle Glasser