Topic for debate:

"A virtual medium will supercede the nostalgic crafts we practice today"

  • Stephen Goldate (ceramist)
  • Robyn Daw (Education Officer, Art Gallery of Queensland)
  • Dave Sag (Director of Virtual Artists)
Steven Goldate, Dave Sagg & Robyn Daw
  • Kay Lawrence (textile artist)
  • Gerry King (glass artist)
  • Amanda McDonald Crowley (ANAT)
Amanda McDonald Crowley & Kay Lawrence
The debate offered an venue for highly socialised aggression, with both teams playing 'no holds barred'. Dave Sag painted a pretty picture of the future with no more room for human creativity. Steven Goldate spoke of a craft conspiracy. See also Robin Daw's contribution.

On the other side, Kay Lawrence and Gerry King highlighted the nostalgia of new technologies, while Amanda McDonald Crowley provided the opportunity to dig the 'real' advantage by offering the opposition a choice between real and virtual white wine.

It was no surprise when the audience cast their verdict in favour of the case against the proposition, but at least it provided an opportunity to hear the other side, strongly argued.

Dave Sagg with the brave new world