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Melinda Jorgensen’s "Line":

Olia Lianna’s "My boyfriend came back from the war":

Lev Manovich’s "Little Movies":


Electronic art


Centre for Electronic Art

Ars Electronica






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Heath Bunting’s "To be owned or remain invisible":

Alexie Shulgin’s "Form art competition":

Jane Prophet’s "Swarm":

Jane Prophet’s "Technosphere":

Peter Haley’s "Exploding Cell":




Hypermedia. London: Taylor Graham (1989)

Hypermedia Laboratory, Tampere University of Technology, Department of Information Technology. Hypermedia Laboratory develop hypermedia software for mathematics education.

Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia. Charlottesville, VA: Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education, 1992-The New Review of Hypermedia and Multimedia. London: Taylor Graham, 1995- .

Hypermedia Joyce Studies. Temple University and Charles University (Prague),





Frederick Jameson "Postmodern Condition"


Interactive art


The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences was founded in 1996 after more than a year of planning by key members of the interactive industry

The goal of the project is to develop an Interactive Art Museum on the World Wide Web, housed at the Fisher Gallery, USC’s own accredited art museum

Interactive Art Conference

Discussion topics address issues facing interactive artists, and cover a broad range of interactive art practice including: computer-mediated literature, social sculpture, art telecommunications, electronic art, artists’ books, public art, installation, performance.

Intermedia, which employs object-oriented programming, uses a client-server model with a Unix-based system of permissions and user groups that allows linking to otherwise read-only documents.

Omni Intermedia Awards

Arizona State University Master of Fine Arts (Distinctive aspects of the intermedia concentration include the specializations within it: video art, performance art, installation, audio art, mixed media works, and digital media.) ‘our new mentality.’

Interactive Arts emerged from the tradition of Fine Art at Newport. Staff and students

have become excited by the creative potential of new technologies; particularly in the area of electronics, animatronics, telemedia and multi-media.




A brief description of the functions of the Web Stalker is necessary as a form of punctuation in this context, but it can of course only really be fully sensed by actual use10. Starting from an empty plane of colour, (black is just the default mode - others are chosen using a pop-up menu) the user begins by marqueeing a rectangle.


New Media


New Media Fund of the Australia Council

New York New Media Association

MIT researches "new media technologies



I believe we need to recognize that technology plus mind, tech-noetics, not only enables us to explore consciousness more thoroughly but may lead to distinctly new forms of consciousness, new qualities of mind, new forms of cognition and perception (cyberception).


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"Web stalker":

"Internet weather report":

Ken Goldberg’s "Momento Mori":


"Persistant Data Confidante":