arct3.jpg (24073 bytes) Digital lexicon is a project of the Frieda Ackerman Working Group exploring the terms related to work using technologies.

This project has a number of layers:

  1. A set of general terms for describing work in this area (e.g., "digital art")
  2. A list of features that characterise the distinctive ways in which this work is presented (e.g., "click")
  3. A set of specific fields of artistic practice (e.g., "holography")
  4. A number of genres within these fields (e.g., "hive web sites")

Given both the youth of this artistic movement, and its current state of flux, such a lexicon can only hope for a provisional status. To this end, contributions are welcome.

This site contains a different lists of terms which are regularly updated:

  1. Bare list of terms and definitions
  2. Terms with their examples
  3. Web art portals
  4. Web art genres and their sites