Doctor Hugo: Museums of the Mind

A virtual museum project: exploring the art & mind connection. Research, theory and experiments on the telematic future of art Resources on net art, net films, paintings, the senses & synesthesia.

"my boyfriend came back from the war"


Series of frames that fracture as thoughts develop about the war. Allusive, difficult to follow, but intriguing

Artist: Olia Lialina

Auslšnder Micro Stuff Art


Using the written experiences of the artist's grandmother who fled St Petersburg in 1914, the work explores cultural dislocation in the 20th century and what it is to be a foreign or stateless person.

Story and chorus are highlighted with different buttons. One shoe lies to the left. Four acts. Music is not so

thematically obvoius.

Artist: Andrew Garton

Australia Street Institute of Interactive Multimedia


The Australia Street Archive is a snapshot taken in 1994-5 of a small number of homes and the people who have

made them. Each of these homes has both contributed to and reflected some of the many currents that make up

Australian culture.

Example of divorcee living in South Henley Beach, screens are interlinked with photos and sounds.

Black Hole


Dispose of Thoughtfully ScreenArts


Frames heavy piece about rubbish: A wind swept park, three metres by five. Dirt and glass. Fragments of peoples

lost desires, shattered dreams, and childhood screams, blown by the wind ,collect here next to the sign that


Animations and scrunchy sounds (that become a little annoying). Some frames would repeat themselves. One

frame has a thumbprint that can be erased. Intimations about a narrative (toothbrush thrown into the pool).

Artist: Leesa Willan

Artist: Sharon Etter

Artist: Sophia Lerner

Artist: Wendy Lee

EN_T Stuff Art


Conspiracies'R Us

Insect leg that triggers what appear to be randomly assembled conspiracy theories

Artist: Mindflux

Erase The Thing


The Shuttle-Shutter has two frames that rock back and forth, changing images each time they cross.

Focus is a black square with a white square inside it that is controlled by the cursor and reveals four letters of the

story 'An Inviolable Dream' at any time.


The annotator allows its user to deposit (by typing) text on the surface of an image, thereby annotating it. The text

can be typed in through the keyboard at the cursor position. The typed text can be "fixed" onto the surface of the

image by typing/tapping the return key



Science fiction story about a meaning machine. Too dependent on the medium.

Artist: Mark Amerika

Harrowing hell Stuff Art


Narrative on hell journeys, including Gilgamesh, and Jesus. Monsters a little cheesy. Educational. Sounds are short

and effective. Multiple choice for Gilgamesh journey. Not reflective

Artist: Leisl Hillhouse

Artist: Simon Klaebe

keywords Digital Studies


Screens of rapidly transposing texts.

"linguistically engineered readymade behavior"

Line Subtle



Elegant site with Java windows that links various phenomena of the online experience. Nothing too fancy.

Artist: Melinda Jorgensen

Little Movies: Prolegemana for

Digital Cinema


Taking loops from classic cinema

Artist: Lev Manovich

Location RGB




Moving streetscape offering points of reference, each with a shockwave interactive, such as a woman jumping off

a building, or shooting soldiers with stray bullet holes left on screen.

Momento Mori Beyond interface


Memento Mori is a web interface to the earth. It displays streaming seismographic data measured continuously from

a site near the Hayward Fault above University of California at Berkeley. The earthquake detector is a Streckeisen

STS-1 seismometer that measures vertical ground velocity. Data is collected by the Berkeley Seismological

Laboratory and relayed to a server in the Alpha Lab.

Artist: Ken Goldberg

Pedestrian: Walking and the lure

of objects


About individual experience of walking a big city.

Reverie of objects, includes section on 'shoe mortality', just an animation of shoes and some text

Relisten RGB


A yellow line traces part of each image and acts as a visual representation of a sound wave. The sounds are

generated by a Java algorithm that interprets the line as a sound wave and then produces a noise based on the

shape of the wave. Since the lines for each image are different, each of the pictures has a unique sound.

The code acts like human memory striving to remember the original event, while inevitably changing the authenticity

of the experience by layering it with interpretation over the passage of time.

[Bogus interaction. Little emotional resonance]

Rosalind Brodsky's Home Page Virtual Artists


Artist: Suzy Treister

Somnolent Fantasies


Somnolent Fantasies is an artistic endeavour which takes the participant on a journey through the four stages of

sleep. Once the participant enters stages three and four they will hit REM sleep. Here the participant will experience

dreams in the form of Quicktime movies and text. There are eight dreams. The texts are made up of a mixture of

real and imagined dreams. I hope you find your own Somnolent Fantasies.

Use of stereo. Animated images to suggest intensity of visual.

Layers of dreams, e.g., Sexy Zombies

"The mission is to kill some zombies before they take over the earth. I told myself I was trying too hard and should

just relax. Then a small tentacle comes out of my chest. It splits and pulls the hole bigger and a lizard looking thing

crawls out. I couldn't open my eyes. I can feel the blood trickling out of me and down my body. Then, I am captured

by a band of women who are cannabal zombies. A transexual wanted to bite me. Infact, instead of trying to bite my

neck he was desperately trying to bite my bottom. Alien ships were shooting at us and I am having sex while doing

a handstand. He told me I had to solve the puzzle before he could get out. Somehow he managed to stop and his

appearance returned to normal."

Little narrative, and dreams lack subject.

Subcutaneous Stuff Art


Subcutaneous Creations is an abstract exploration and reconfiguration of the human form in which a series of

networked levels enable the user to create and modify an electronic organism.

Chat has scrolling comments from scripted guests, asks for user name, etc., but this is bogus.

Make up figures from body parts.

Artist: Alex Davies



Hypertext using client push to evoke a story about water.


" we go

gently down the stream

merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily

life is but a dream"

The Global Diary


Net Works, one of two art works on web

Expanding diary of 140 year old person in 2096

The illustrated alphabet Stuff Art


Simple animation about terrible things that happen to a man with letters.

Artist: John Lycette

Artist: Mark Lycette

The Perfectable Self ISEA 97


Using java, can manipulate face to evolve

Artist: John Tonkin

Trade Mark


V-Chip Culture


Net-times, one of two web art works

Activist site

Wordstuffs - the city and the body Stuff Art


Word trees. Hypertext about body, memory, space, etc. Dicky little shockwave, and "Word Wired Web", which is a

cluster of words that can be jerked and rattled.

Artist: Greg White

Artist: Hazel Smith

Artist: Roger Dean

You and me RGB


Male and female outlines, with clicking in stereo. Little sense. Minimal mantra-opera

"Interactivity is provided as a choice, not as a must. The viewer can influence the narrative but this active

experience is not necessary to go through the piece - activity and passivity coexist simultaneously. "


Exploding Cell


Using Shockwave, there is a grid of animated images, cycling through colours. Click one and the next page disects

it into various components. Clicking buttons devoted to each component, cycles through colours. When the image is

recomposed according to your wishes, it can then be co-signed with Peter Halley.

Artist: Peter Halley

Form art competition


Competition to design art work using entirely form elements.

Persistant data confidante ISEA 97


Have to trade a secret. These are then rated, the top 10% going into a pool, and secrets fabricated from them.

These two secrets will produce a new offspring composed of major clauses from these two parents. Newborn

secrets will then be forced to compete for user approval in the rigorous environment of the database if they are to

live on to produce their own offspring. The questions which remain are: Which secrets will live to breed, and which

will not be able to survive in the truly rigorous environment of the internet? What are the actual desires of principal

internet users, when authorship and

curatorial decisions are confidential and democratic? Using this combination rating and genetic approach, what will

these database secrets look like in 6 months? It is the goal of this site to examine such questions.

Pocket protector




a combined hardspace and virtual repository for collective digital identities

art is always virtual, communicative and interactive

Artist: Rose Stasuk



Swarm paint allows visitors to direct a swarm of pixels to make trace patterns.

'The Larder' contains messages relating to the Hive Mind (jars of honey)

'The Hive' contains digital director bees with links elsewhere to bee sites.

'Hive Memory' contains memory scan info about moments in artist's life.

Artist: Jane Prophet


Internet Weather Report


Repossessed Stuff Art


Complex shockwave piece that gathers bits of information from various sources, including single words typed in by

the visitor.

No real engagement there.

Artist: Gary Zebington

To be owned or remain invisible Beyond interface


Each word is linked to a site. When visited, those words turn black. Language is kept alive by domains.

Web stalker