art technologique art that employs devices, such as machines, rather than materials, such as paint

cyber art

digital art art in which information is translated for use by computer

digital media works, including film, in which information is translated for use by computer

electronic art art that requires electric devices

hypermedia work that links materials together in a rhizomic structure, specially text

interactive art art that requires input (from audience or environment) in order to work

intermedia art that transcends the object, including installations, slide projections, 16 mm films, performances

multimedia computer-based work that involves sound and image

new media media that have arisen sinces the 1970s

time-based art art that cannot be grasped synchronically, especially video


animatronics robotics that simulates animal life, popular in film and museums

biotechnics Art that marries biology with technology


computer graphics

electronic poetry time-based poetry that can include interactive and generative elements

fractal media works that use fractal algorhythms



kinetic art    art that consists of moving parts

net art

space art

technoetics technology that works directly with the human consciousness

telematics art of communication, including not only Internet but also phone, fax and satellite links,


telepresence work that entails operation at a distance

video art

virtual reality

web installation


3D modelling create representations of objects and spaces with the aim of viewing them from all three visible dimenions

Boolean function in 3D modelling that allows for creation of negative space, such as finger holes in bowling ball



hot spot

marquee A large tent

Phong render mimics the effect of ray tracing, without use of its mathematical processes, to produce image without reflections

ray trace to render an image so that rays of light that emanate from a source are traced via the objects they encounter to a virtual point of focus; this captures the effects of shadows, transparency and reflection

render to produce for inspection, usually from a wireframe to a full image


rotoscoping apply an animated surface to a model or background

tweak To pull sharply with a twisting movement (esp. by nose).



cool experience of feature that contains unexpected utility or power

hysterical sublime Encounter with information stimuli that is beyond comprehension