"Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit." Proverbs


ABC Radio National Arts Today

Mon 4th May 1998

Death by Criticism


Like Watergate for Chocolate

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"Ernie Bull’s sculpture is to art what Easter eggs are to the resurrection."
Charles Morton


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Presented by Louise Adler,
with (in order of appearance)

  • Bruce James (visual arts critic for Arts Today) as Charles Morton (visual arts critic for National Tribune)
  • Stuart Purves, as himself (director of Australian Galleries)
  • Suzanne Davies, as herself (director of RMIT Gallery)
  • Shane Castleman, as himself (producer of Channel Seven’s Today Tonight)
  • Xenia Hanusak, as herself (opera singer and music critic for Herald-Sun)
  • Simon Wilson as himself (specialist QC in commercial litigation and defamation)

Written by Kevin Murray & Nikki Jecks