School of Studies in Creative Arts


In 1999, the School of Studies in Creative Arts begins the first year of its Graduate Diploma in Arts Criticism. This site is a resource for that course, including a questionnaire and results on the state of arts criticism in Australia.
For more information, please contact Kevin Murray. Criticism plays an essential role in the overall arts ecology. Other roles, such as creative expression and arts management, have courses those seeking professional training. Until now, the only training available for aspiring critics has been in the theory of criticism, not its practice.

Practical criticism has its own concerns. The critic can make a personal response to the work, which then must be communicated to an audience. This entails skills in written and verbal expression, research, historical knowledge, self-knowledge and ethical judgment.

Until now, these skills have been largely gained through experience, rather than instruction. The excellence of many current critics testifies to the depth of that experience. However, arts are developing in new ways and opportunities can be made by those seeking to mediate between artist and audience, to raise expectations and reveal hidden meanings. Instruction offers opportunities for both aspiring critics and those seeking professional development.

The course focuses on both established and emerging venues for criticism, including evaluative practices such as judging prizes and grant assessments. Specialised knowledge of their chosen medium will be the students’ responsibility.

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