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Ruth Hutchinson

is a Bendigo ceramicist, whose works for GKW are:

  • Dickstick
Ruth Hutchinson

Slot machine

$2.00 - 1
$1.00 - 0
.50 - 11
.20 - 68
.10 - 109
.05 - 132
.02 - 1
plus 1c USA, 100rpd Indonesia, 20c Singapore, one as yet unidentified coin, 4 aluminium discs.Total of 330 entries

Total of $38.60 legal AUS tender.

Ruth's statement

The new pill viagra with all its hype and cost has replaced items such as 'the erector' from Russia, a type of crutch used to support the penis, as well as surgical implants used to improve penis performance. Men are also now having cosmetic surgery to increase penis length and width. This preoccupation with size and performance is also evident in the way that our society no longer seems to be interested in supporting non profit generating departments in industry or government, even if they offer important human services. While companies merge and grow, downsizing is all the go.

Curriculum Vitae
1997 Bachelor of Arts in Ceramics (Honours), La Trobe University, Bendigo.
1987 Bachelor of Applied Science in Occupational Therapy, Lincoln Institute of Health Sciences, Melbourne

Individual Exhibitions
1999 Ideal Communion, Sutton Gallery, Melbourne
1998 Gadgets, Gizmos, Giveaways, Marital aids Australian Centre for
Contemporary Art, Melbourne
1998 Quoitus, part of Inside/Out, Canberra Contemporary Art Space, The Cube, Gorman House

Group Exhibitions
1999 City of Hobart Art Prize, Carnegie Gallery, Hobart
1998 The Gift, Craft Victoria, Melbourne
1998 Past Tense/Future Perfect, Craftwest Gallery, Perth; Centre for
Contemporary Craft, Sydney; Craft Victoria, Melbourne
1998 Inkpots to Internet, La Trobe University, Bendigo
1997 Fresh!, Craft Victoria, Melbourne
1997 Picture, Bendigo Art Gallery

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