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Roseanne Bartley A wreath using striker heads from typewriter that can be read backwards with memorial phrases.
Lisa Carroll Covers from a set of Encyclopaedia Britannicas framed in shadow boxes
Susan Cohn Jewellery for containing precious smells
Karen Ferguson Embroidered handkerchiefs with colloquialisms of old Australia
Tony Hanning Beer glasses engraved with portraits of famous Victorians
Hamish Hill A 'log book', consisting of a trunk from Albert Park that is sliced into ten pages, each representing a decade of the 20th century.
Ruth Hutchinson Devices for propping up the body, particularly "penis extender" used before the advent of Viagra
Sharon Muir Alarm clocks that have been cast
Miyuki Nakahara Tins for biscuits and other food items such as MSG
Humphrey Poland Shelves made from recycled materials, such as fence palings and strung together with wire, like overhead electricity.
David Ray Table setting for Sunday dinner
Alex Selenitsch A stand with a container at head height that houses a radioactive isotope representing the amount of toxic waste per capita.