The catalogue for Goodbye Kind World is based on the edition of the Melbourne Herald sold on the 1st January 1972. This is the last time when the days of the week matched the numbers of the month in the way they will in 2000. Owners of old video recorders are advised to set their clocks to 1972 at the end of the year.

The GKW issue of the Herald includes photos of newsboys, articles by artists accompanied by photographs of themselves as younger people, Y2K stories by Peter Burke, articles on globalisation from a variety of sources and fictional stories about history reversing direction


Major bank claims to finally reduce profits

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia today announced a dramatic reduction in profits. The end of year dividend was only $1.6million, as opposed to $15 million in the previous quarter.

The Director attributed this lost to more careful administration. "In previous years, there was some reckless cost-cutting, which greatly increased profits while reducing customer satisfaction."

The Commonwealth Bank now claims to be back on track as the "peopleís bank". It has recently introduced stiff penalties for any bank staff who attempt to on-sell its products to customers.

The Director issued a bulletin to staff in which he outlined the mission of the CBA to build on "social capital".

Its future plans include the re-purchase of old bank buildings. "Our people enjoy the solid architecture of traditional bank buildings. They donít want flimsy retail design. They want something they can put their confidence in."

Other banks are expected to follow the CBA lead and attempt a fresh round of profit-cutting.