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Roseanne Bartley

Jeweller to the Guild of Ghost Writers

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Ern Malley


When ghostwriters are commissioned to write they forfeit their own voice and write as the other; their job is to be invisible. Commissions extend to the ghosting of political speeches, autobiographies, songs, term essays and corporate reports. Even though the Ghoster is contracted to write in the subject's voice, intimate knowledge of their commissioner is not always required. Casual contracts can be solicited over the Internet, however where issues of continuity, confidentiality, defamation, copyright, and non- or partial attribution arise, Ghosters must define the business side of their arrangement in a detailed contractual agreement.
In creating the ghostwriter's badge I was thinking about the ritual of moving into the voice of the other, envisaging how the character of the commissioner might be symbolised in an inanimate object. The proposition of a conference was to suggest a moment where the ritual of shifting identity between self and other could be played out formally in public.


'The Conference' Ghostwriters Guild Sterling Silver, stainless steel, 5cm, 2001 (photograph Tony Owczarek)


Roseanne Bartley was born in New Zealand and moved to Melbourne where she completed a Bachelor of Fine Art (Honours) Gold & Silversmithing RMIT. She is currently enrolled in the RMIT Masters program. She has had at least six solo shows, including Homage to Qwerty or jewellery made from typewriter pieces and Body of Language at Craft Victoria and Dogget Street Gallery, Brisbane. She recently received a commission from the Melbourne Museum for the Stolen Generations memorial. She lectures in product design/jewellery at NMIT and Tongi University, Shanghai.