The following is a list of participating artists and their subjects:

  • Penny Carey Wells is making books in honour of the Wilson sisters who nurtured a private sanctuary at the Steppes in the midlands.
  • Patrick Collins: Claudio Alcorso who brought a Meditteranean vision of culture and nature to Tasmanian in the 20th century
  • Hermie Cornelisse: her mysterious Dutch heritage
  • Robyn Glade-Wright: Louise Anne Meredith and the care for endangered plants
  • David McLeod: the ex-Tasmanian Frederick Manning who settled in New Zealand, exchanged plants and settled down to become a Pakeha Maori, involved in translating the Waitangi treaty
  • Pip McManus: a shrine/installation to Critchley Parker, the young man who died near Port Davey while exploring a homeland for Jewish refugees
  • Milan Milojevic: his Serbian father who left a deeply troubled world to settled in Bronte Park
  • Geoff Parr: Olegas Truchanas, who fought to preserve Lake Peddar and drowned during the battle for the Franklin
  • Anna Phillips: Jorgen Jorgensen, the kind of Iceland who visited Tasmania twice, first as a founder and second as a convict
  • Helena Psotova: the singer Zulya Kamalova who resurrected the tradition of Tartar music in Hobart
  • Judith-Rose Thomas: Manalargenna, the Palawa warrior chief who ended up in Flinders Island, who is her great-great-great-great-great grandfather
  • John Vella: the Kosovar Akif Lutfiu who went on the run to escape deportation
  • Paul Zika: the Catholic baroque spirit brought by his Czech forbears