Stephen Bush

CLAIM: An artist can deliberately withhold the meaning of his or her work.

Stephen Bush "...He had been born `Keith Roger’ in Tumby Bay, SA, on May 30 1962. Biographical details on his childhood are not available, beyond the fact that he grew up in a grim neighbourhood in Port Adelaide where, as Russell Ebert later observed, `he saw life in its toughest phases’. In 1975 he moved to Melbourne. Three years later his entered the skin trade as a sixteen year old sticky tape op..."

excerpt from essay on Stephen Bush by Dave Graney


Woodstock oil on linen 1996 134 x 187cm

In Stephen Bush's previous work, the traditional epic of art history has been the code which unlocks the meaning of his paintings. In the past, he has translated the evolution of western art into an epic theatre of territorial conquest. Today, subject of his irony is less clear. Perhaps it something more abstract, or perhaps he is just not playing fair. (D.P.)

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