Peter Hill

CLAIM: Crime is an art form.

Peter Hill - So where's your evidence? the tall Scottish gallery director shouted, trying to stop the small Chicago detective from removing the blood-stained shower curtain from the wall. Show me your fucking evidence! he demanded, purple with rage, in the deep , civilised tones of a certain Scottish public school.

- This is my evidence bud. It's going with me to the station. He was having trouble reaching the silver rod to unhook it from the wall. Also, there's a dead New York art dealer in a shower in one of our city's best hotels, that's also my evidence. Thirty-second floor, the Terkel Suite with views of the lake like you'd die for. Only he did. And the final bit of evidence is all these postcards you've got scattered around here of this, if I may be frank with you, perverse artwork. One of these postcards was propped against his shaving mirror. If I find you've been anywhere near art fairs in Miami, Melbourne, London, or Madrid I'm taking you in.

Extract from Peter Hill's Art Fair Murders

Aloha is an artists' collective operating out of Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. Beyond that, not much is known about them. They never turn up to the openings of their own exhibitions. They shun interviews, and reports vary as to how many members actually make up the group.

Hermann Nitsch Shower CurtainThe Hermann Nitsch Shower Curtain Mixed media installation, Third version, 1996

The criminal is perhaps the most celebrated figure of today's film and literature. Given the public fascination for the criminal imagination, is it possible to conceive an instance when crime is `elevated' to an art form? Perhaps modern art has always been criminal, in its own way. (D.P.)

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