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21/6/98 While spirituality has sometimes been associated with a kind of cognitive ecstasy that our current dataglut unwittingly simulates -- a sort of cosmic information overload -- most meditative and contemplative traditions begin with the act of going offline: carving out a clearing in the midst of daily life, relaxing into silence and the slow pulse of being until something unexpected emerges.

Erik Davis from Feed magazine.

22/5/98 Craft is dead openingTristan Humphry opens the exhibition of virtual craft,  'Craft is Dead - Long Live Craft', curated by Steven Goldate, at Craft Victoria.
3/5/98 Sadly, the Offline part of this exhibition closes. The visitor counter for the JamFactory gallery claims that 9,058 people had a chance to experience the exhibition in real life. It will be a little while before online visitors exceed that number. Remarkably, more than 800 people left messages in the Visitor's Book, mostly favourable. Goes to show, there's still life out there offline.
19/3/98 Pilar RojasPilar Rojas solo exhibition at Craft Victoria gallery opened on Thursday 19th March.
14/3/98 Locker of keysA locker filled with keys is one of many menageries of lost objects that feature in the set of Teatro Doppo, who performed Tracking Time at Adelaide Railway Station.
16/3/98 The latest book by Slovenian philosopher articulates a hidden premise of Offline:

Perhaps radical virtualisation - the fact that the whole of reality will soon be 'digitalised', transcribed, redoubled in the 'big Other' of cyberspace - will somehow redeem 'real life', opening it up to a new perception, just as Hegel already had a presentiment that the end of art (as the 'sensible appearing of the Idea'), which occurs when the Idea withdraws from the sensible medium into its more direct conceptual expression, simultaneously liberates sensibility from the constraints of the Idea?

Slavoj Zizek The Plague of Fantasies London: Verso, 1997, p. 164

10/3/98 Glass lolliesGlass lollies found in the JamFactory shop. Are these part of the Offline exhibition?
9/3/98 Lengthy review from conservative craft critic Norris Ioannou in Adelaide Advertiser dismisses show with such rhetoric as 'Remember the earlier dictum of the craft movement, "truth in material"? Now it's illusion that counts!'
Tut, tut. Is my slip showing?
8/3/98 Autumn leaf in offlineWhich gallery visitor put this autumn leaf next to Ben Edols and Kathy Elliot's work?
3/3/98 Shots of the exhibition
27/2/98 Pages of shots from installation and opening

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