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Broken Hill is a mining town in western New South Wales. During its heyday, the Silver City attracted workers from all over the world.
For evidence of its cosmopolitan past and present, see pages on the Afghan mosque and Mario's Palace Hotel.
War in Broken Hill headlineOne of the more controversial episodes in its intense early days was the one nominal act of war on Australian soil during World War Two. In 1915, two disgruntled Turks opened fire on a train-load of a thousand picnickers.
Broken ATM.jpg (9691 bytes) "We apologise for the inconvenience, but this ATM is out of order due to circumstances beyond human control. Sorry."

Nice to know that somewhere there is still someone who feels responsible for user frustrations.
Liz, Simon & Michelle WilkieLiz Fotiadis accompanies the exhibition to Broken Hill with her parnter Simon and friend Michelle Wilkie. Before them is her cloud with a silver living.