Mosque sign.jpg (12733 bytes) On the outskirts of Broken Hill is a building commonly known as the 'Afghan Mosque'. The camel drivers who built the mosque were actually Indians. They came from Sindh (now part of Pakistan with Karachi as its capital) and Balochistan (once under Alexander the Great, and now bordering Iran, Afghanistan and the Sindh province).
Ralph Wallace
Today, the Mosque is maintained by Ralph Wallace, a retired engineer. His broad knowledge of history and dedication to its preservation.
The alcove points towards Mecca and is adorned by a number of calligraphic prints and stickers. Decorations have been added by Muslims visiting the area. It is still used occasionally for prayer  on Friday. The current export of wild goat meat to the Middle East has brought some Halal butchers to Broken Hill.
Mosque prayer matsPrayer mats have been left by worshippers in appreciation of the mosque. Synagogue
On the other side of town, the Jewish Synagogue is preserved. No longer in use for worship, it is now used for meetings of the Broken Hill historical society. A different kind of religion.