Alevi dancers on Ayer's rock The cover of an issue of the Alevi magazine Alevilerin Sesi features two ochre covered Yolngu dancers in front of Uluru. Cockatoos fly over the Rock and tripping gracefully across Uluru are the figures of two Alevi dancers. (The Alevis believe that one of the Aboriginal dance movements - arms outstretched and legs rhythmically stamping - parallels one of their dance steps.) That exploration of Aboriginality by a small, largely unknown community is perhaps what Gordon Bennett might refer to as the 'art of the beautiful life'. This grace is not an inessential or negligible element in a meeting of communities. A character in Cheik Hamidou Kane's Ambiguous Adventure suggests that civilisation is an architecture of responses in which more strident voices threaten to drown out others. I would paraphrase this as an orchestration of voices.
Excerpt from Philip Morrissey's catalogue essay