[Diana von Flugel and Russell Lockwood] decided to walk to the kiosk in the Fitzroy Gardens, and went on up the hill. When they were brought their strong tea and dry dull cake, he said: `Australia should have been colonised by the French of Italians, or some people who know how to live in this climate'.
`Then we wouldn't be here.'
`No, that would be dreadful,' he said, `All the same, there ought to be a restaurant here with a French chef. It ought to be the thing to come here - like dining in the Bois.'
`Do'you think you will stay long in Australia?' she asked.
`Why? I intend to live here.'
`But your mind is in Europe. You like Australia now because you are thinking of all the European things that could be done to it. There will never be a French chef in the Fitzroy Gardens. When you realize that, will you want to stay?'

Martin Boyd (1893 - 1972) Outbreak of Love 1957, p. 78