What if no one had colonised Australia?

Canberra School of Art is the venue for the ground zero question of colonisation.

Please go to comments page to help (un) turn that soil.

cnfurn.jpg (10423 bytes) Glass studio rehearses for workshop in Japan
SpiderNeville Assad's work becomes a hotel to the shows first resident spider, InstallationAlex and Melissa get the hang of the installation
cnstaff.jpg (14180 bytes) Director David Williams hosts the large contingent of visiting staff at Canberra School of Art during the week of installation.
Al Grasby, distinguished advocate of multiculturalism, opens Turn the Soil in the 25th anniversary of the multicultural policy that he helped introduce to Australia. Al Grasby.jpg (10767 bytes)
Sarit and family.jpg (13700 bytes) Sarit Cohen with her works, prominently displayed in the Canberra installation, and her admiring family.
Suzie Timar offers her hand in traditional Hungarian greeting, before her own works. Suzie Timar.jpg (7672 bytes)
Kevin & Hanh.jpg (8212 bytes) Kevin Murray poses with artist Hanh Nguyet Ngo behind her identy badges
Craft Victoria's Suzie Attiwill and Canberra School of Art director Merryn Gates take a spin on the Wheel of Historical Fortune. Suzie & Merryn.jpg (12515 bytes)