What America was to England, Yuzhem was to Russia. Religious dissidents, suspicious of churchly ways, sought sanctuary in the new world. Unable to fend for themselves, they invite an ungoldly pretender to rule over them. His rule is predicated on its illegitimacy.

The Old Believers of Yuzhem stand for the unchanging truths, principally nature and God. Their nation is split between the Mikhailovites, who stand by timeless traditions, and the Constantines who look outside to the forces of change.

These tensions heighten in the twentieth-century, as Yuzhem draws further from its religious origins. In the constitutional crisis of 1935, Tsar "Ivan the Real" attempts to erase the taint of illegitimacy given his family by marrying the only surviving Romanov, Tsarina Anastasia.

Today, the many years of corruption have come to an end, as Old Believers join with communist exiles from the former USSR to overthrow the monarchy.

The Yuzhem flag features the traditional double-headed eagle set in the golden sun of a new land:

Yuzhem flag

The map of Yuzhem with capital Ivangrad and the three islands of New Zealand.

Map of Yuzhem