The (First &) Last Supper

Never before and never again!
An event to celebrate a lost history:
What if Australia had been colonised by the ancient Phoenicians?

Some moments from The (First &) Last Supper,
held on the night before Good Friday 1997

Storey Hall Storey Hall greets dinners. Its fractal designs suggest a radically alternative aesthetic, where science meets art. The colour scheme is green with purple furnishing.ening


Michael Bacash from Toofey's Seafood Restaurant and assistants are busy in the kitchen making their salmon kibbeh. Michael Bakash and assistants
Honoured guests zahle.gif (4893 bytes)Honoured guests await their first course. They include Jeffrey Taylor (President of Craft Victoria) the Lebanese Consul-General and President of the Zahle Society (the village from which both chefs came).
At last, the first course arrives - a delicious Chickpea and Lentil Soup, see recipe. Soup
Listening to Gilbertus Guests amuse themselves, listening to the honourable Dr. Gilbert Gilbertus.
The Salmon Kibbeh almost steals the show. Salmon kibbeh
Melissa & Alison Melissa Rymer and Alison Bennett are happy purple peopler eaters
Greg Malouf, chef of O'Connell's Hotel, puts the finishing touc on the dessert. shdgm.jpg (60945 bytes)