The Japanese scenario was chosen for Port Pirie because of the link between the South Australian economy and Japanese industry. Mitsubishi have a thriving automobile plant and there is still talk of a Multi-Function Polis being built in partnership with the Japanese.

Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery
Port Pirie Regional Art Gallery
is now well and truly "off the beaten track": it is situated on at the end of what was once the longest railway platform in Australia. Between the gallery and the wheat silos in the distance, a new McDonalds family restaurant is taking root.

Read what the people of Port Pirie made of the a Japanese colonisation in Shao-lin, where the foot is mightier than the sword.
Ozymandius Ozymandius, winner of the Small Award 1997, by Malcolm McKinnon, an artist from Pekina, 80k north of Port Pirie. This work expresses the artists opinion of the disposable lifestyle.
No hand should be idle Leather bookmark made by Fay Green, one of the participants in the 'Off the Beaten Track' workshop.