‘Off the Beaten Track’

Census Questions


Developed with Ross Gibson




  1. What people colonised this place after the indigenous occupation?
  2. When did this colonisation occur and what ‘great and influential events’ were happening in the world at this time?
  3. Where was the first landing?
  4. Where was the first ‘settlement’?
  5. What negotiations occurred with indigenous people?
  6. What commodities or activities supported the colony as it tried to become self-sufficient?
  7. Were indigenous people involved with this? If so, how?
  8. National identity

  9. What is the name of this colony now?
  10. Is this name different from its name during the ‘settlement years’?
  11. What is the motto on the national coat of arms?
  12. What is the national currency called?
  13. What special ceremony occurs on the National Day?
  14. For which activities (art, literature, and sport) is the country particularly known?
  15. What are the principal industries and how do they affect both the national economy and the national character?
  16. What is the present status of Aboriginal culture in relation to contemporary economy and ethos?
  17. What is the main national ‘feast day’—does it commemorate a date or event? What activities are performed in relation to this day?
  18. Politics

  19. What role does the church play in matters of government?
  20. What form of government (democracy, monarchy, or socialist state?)
  21. Exercises (for individuals and small groups)

  22. Take a map of Australia on which are marked place locations and draw details including main population centres, main food crops and ‘flocks’
  23. Design a flag
  24. Compose music and words for a national anthem
  25. Design a national costume
  26. Design a coat of arms.
  27. Design a currency
  28. Script an advertisement for tourists wishing to visit the country which features members of the local population greeting visitors (equivalent of Ozzie ‘g’day’)
  29. Construct a newstory for today which involves the discovery of artefacts that suggest Australia was actually colonised at one stage by this nation
  30. Write an oath of allegiance