Artist's Talk by Susan Fielder: 5

Hans Teichen His words that day made quite an impression on me. They seem a little melodramatic now, but then in truth I was a young student looking for bold gestures and in 1967 there was a hint of revolution in the air. I threw myself into a Master's Thesis and hoped to find some echo of his words in my own thinking. I explored the use of the circle in philosophical thought from Plato to Heidegger. I can't remember all the subtle details now, but then it seemed that philosophy was bound to some self-enclosed logic, that it could only ever refer back to itself. I gather this has become somewhat of a cliche these days now that deconstruction is in vague everywhere as I imagine you're all quite aware here this afternoon. But there was a moment when that thought seemed alive and true.
I'm sure that 'vague' should have been 'vogue'.
I'll skip the allegations about Teichen's Nazi collaboration, how I got to Paris, married, returned to garden in Melbourne, and all that rubbish.