Artist's Talk by Susan Fielder: 6

Art In my thesis, I'd drawn some rudimentary diagrams of circles and ellipses. I asked my husband to bring home some materials from his shop in Malvern and started re-drawing them -- nothing fancy, just colouring them in, more or less. I didn't know exactly what I was doing.

Neville said I was making art. When he said that, I thought he was making light of what I was doing: it meant that I was doing something quite useless. To prove him wrong, I went through some of the magazines in his shop hoping that none of them would have paintings that lacked as much artistry as mine. I was distracted in the course of my defence by a very curious article in an issue of Art International, entitled `Endgame abstraction' by a woman called Tass Wolfe.

Tass Wolfe. It's difficult to explain how strongly this article impressed me at the time. It did come at a very uncertain part of my life. Though I had begun to play with paint, I had no real understanding of art as a serious pursuit.

She liked to be called `Tass', but I sometimes slip and call her `Taz'.