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Southern France
Tues, 13 Jun 95
Will the fish be biting?

Tues, 13 Jun 95

Alison Bennet
Wed, 14 Jun 95
new ways to interact with Symmetry

Boston, Massachusetts
Mon, 19 Jun 1995
A very delightful and informative page.
Look forward to visiting again and again for updates.

Heinrich Denholm

Fri, 21 Jul 95
I've always thought that lawyers were frustrated actors, what about broadening the range of professions?

Michael Doneman
Fri, 28 Jul 95
Kevin, just dropping you a note to say g'day and wish the rest of the tour well if it is still touring. An inspiring exhibition.

Henry Halem
Fri, 11 Aug 1995
Symmetry is most excellent. One of the more enlightened pages I've yet encountered. I have not completed it yet as the weeds in my garden are calling. I shall revisit Symmetry soon.

Anne Hawley
Portland OR USA
31 December 1995
So for me, as for many other beige office workers I know, the work of my hands in the hours outside of work never evokes questions at all, beyond questions about specific technique. It stands entirely on its own--good, bad, or indifferent though the product may be--as undeniably worthwhile. Thanks for an inspiring morning on the Web.

Joy Hansen
2 February 1996
My father was a surgeon and he took great pride in woodwork. In fact, he made our kitchen table. He used to joke a lot about mixing up his instruments.

Natasha Bolin
16 March 1996
I'm a journalist who weaves to relax. Most of my colleagues like something a little more energetic to calm down, but the long-term concentration of weaving makes all those little worries disappear.

Barry W. Lafler
25 May 1996
I really like the way this piece on glass covers so much ground. I can understand the emotional part of glass I am a scientific glassblower. Making research apparatus for a living I sometimes fall in love with a very diffacult project only to find out later that it is gathering dust in some lab not being used, that is the down side, in general glass is wonderful to work with.

Gwyn Henry
Wednesday, 10 July, 1996
Enjoyed your site! Was looking for info re: using wisdom teeth as replacements for pulled teeth. Know anything about this? Asked my dentist about it & he just laughed, but I think it makes perfect sense.

Anne Wilson
3 August 1996
What an impressive homepage!

Name: Dede pol
Title: Dede Pol
Address: How Say You
Date: 04 Jul 1998

Postmodern realists at times lose heart when faced with the isolation of focal things and the diaspora of focal practices. Wherever their paths cross, however, they recognise each other and feel the kinship of the focused life. Musicians recognise gardeners, horse people understand artisans.
Albert Borgmann Crossing the Postmodern Divide Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1992, p. 122

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