Interviews with dentists, surgeons, breadmakers, journalists and jazz musicians about what they have to show for labours at the end of the day. Originally broadcast as a series of five items for ABC Radio National Arts Today program, July 1994.

At the end of the day, what do you show for what you do? If you're an artist, your work is there for all to see -- the painting on the wall, the pot on the pedestal. But what if you belong to that obscure group known as non-artists. What if your day is spent pleasing, not yourself, but others -- meeting deadlines, filling orders, answering inquiries. How do you make a mark in that world? To answer that question, non-artists from five trades and professions have been invited to speculate where they might seek forms of artistic expression that complement their day job. There may be a way, after all, of having your cake and eating it too.