Clay Ceramics & ?
They bake. Their working substance is moist and elastic so that it can be formed by hands into discrete forms. After fashioning, the form is left to rest while it settles into its own shape. Sometimes a glaze is applied to improve appearance. And then it is placed with its batch in the oven. Their techniques are paradigmatic of the art of civilisation.
Metal Jewellery & ?
They fix objects, often precious metal, to the human body. They drill, file, solder, and cast. Their operations require minute precision and careful planning.
Wood Woodworking & ?
They cut and join organic tissue. Using sharp blades, they separate the fibre along natural lines of division. They attempt to reconnect the tissue in joins that are flexible and durable. Metal supports are sometimes inserted to strengthen the framework. Their manual skills have recently been degraded by the introduction of lasers and computer technology.
Weaving Weaving & ?
They tell stories. They sit at their instruments pulling together the narrative elements into a tight web. Working on the grid, they are restricted to the horizontal and vertical. Fibre is their medium.
Glass Glass-blowing & ?
They blow. They have a supporting team which warms things up for them to take the lead. Each member of their team has their own moment of attention as the leading element is passed around. The work is of the moment, irreversible -- there's no going back. While they express themselves as individuals, with spontaneity and lyricism, it's important that every one works to the same rhythm.