C. Y. O'Connor

A year before the pipeline was completed, C.Y. O'Connor faced public criticism about the scheme, which was proved eventually misplaced. O'Connor rode his horse into the ocean at Fremantle beach and shot himself.


C.Y. O'Connor's suicide note

The position has become impossible.
Anxious important work to do and three commissions of inquiry to attend to.
We may not have done as well as possible in the past but we will necessarily be too hampered to do well in the imminent future.
I fear that my brain is suffering and I am in great fear of what effect all this worry will have upon me -- I have lost control of my thoughts.
The Coolgardie scheme is all right and I could finish it if I got a chance and protection from misrepresentation but there's no hope for that now and it's better that it should be given to some entirely new man to do who will be untrammeled by prior responsibility.

Put the wing walls to Helena Weir at once.

Water arrives...