Alice Springs
Wagga Wagga
Lake Macquarie


By the time Water Medicine opened, Kalgoorlie had recorded it's wettest and coolest year on record. Why is this so? Some speculate that the clearing of the wheatfields west of Kalgoorlie has meant that storm clouds keep their load longer. Since electricity has replaced wood as the source of power, much of the goldfields timber has re-grown. There is now even talk of trading in 'carbon credits', to sell 'green' as well as gold.

A motorcyclist ploughing through the streets of Kalgoorlie after an afternoon storm.
The afternoon storm recedes into the evening.
The road overflows with water on the way to Coolgardie.
A gnamma hole, filled with shield shrimp, as used by local Aboriginal (Wongi) people before the watjala (white people) came through and sealed them off.
Water tank at Ora Banda, alongside dishwasher
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