Senator Richard Alston

Federal Minister for Communications, the Information Economy and the Arts

Richard Alston

Multi-mediation Christina Thompson, Katherine Phelps, Peter Craven, Antoni Jachs, Philippa Hawker

Christina Thompson Editor, Meanjin

Peter CravenPeter Craven Literary critic

Philippa Hawker Lecturer in Creative Writing at the School of Studies in Creative Arts, VCA

Antoni Jachs Author and Creative Director, RMIT's Online Multimedia Project

Katherine Phelps Author of Surf's Up: Internet Australian Style and PhD at RMIT

Art online Michael Hill, Justine Humphry, Bill Mitchell

Kevin Murray Coordinator Binary Code

Bill MitchellBill Mitchell Dean Architecture, MIT

Justine Humphry Media Studies, UTS & Archepelago

Michael Hill Media Producer, Sydney

Begin: 2:00 pm End: 3:30 pm

From the Sublime to the Cool

Peter Hennessey, Steve Polak, Angela Ndalianis, Geert Lovink

Morag Fraser Editor, Eureka Street

Geert Lovink Net activist, Amsterdam

Angela Ndalianis Lecturer, Cinema Studies, Uni of Melb

Peter Hennessey Digital artist, DROME

Steve Polak Interactive entertainment journalist

State of the Art

The audience is speaking

Stephen Feneley Presenter, Express ABC

Stephanie Britton Editor, Artlink

Mike Leggett Curator, Burning the Interface

Shiralee Saul Producer, Experimenta

Robyn McKenzie Editor, Like

CCP Director Stuart Koop doing the hard stuff