Guild Unlimited

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Brief given to the jewellers for Guild Unlimited

ACTU President Sharran Burrow with the Guild Unlimited artists at the opening

Installation image -- interactive!.

Guild Unlimited artists with their proposed guild and insignia


Brendan Adair-Smith

Office cleaners

Aluminium survival kit including hearing devices for staying invisible around office business

Roseanne Bartley

Ghost writers

Tags embossed so names are only visible from one angle

Pierre Cavalan

Body Assayers & Refiners

Gold ornate scalpel, and a bejewelled syringe presented in ceremonial display boxes

Tracey Clement

Leg waxers

Polished brooches in form of leg with nylon bristles

Marcos Davidson

Sonic Selectors

Rings with bakelite fittings shaped like stylus and turntable

Peter Deckers

Reproduction Four perceptible voices representing the ‘Digital,
Manual, Manufactured, Processed’ divisions of reproducing

Deborah Fiori

Call centre operators

Headset jewellery with different messages on inside and outside

Barbara Heath


Crown for hanging about working space of alternative practitioners -- astrologers, etc.

Shaelene Murray


Ceremonial vestments, stainless steel apron with embroidery and trim

Sarah Jane Ross


Brooches containing implement for making moire pattern on top of café latte