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Deborah Fiori

Jeweller to the Guild of Call Centre Operators

Call centre operators, cold-callers, telemarketers, live information dispensers
Patron Saint


‘Good afternoon, how can I be of service?’

The numbers of inbound calls waiting in queue appear on an overhead, digital sign. Red, illuminated and unmistakably apparent.

As calls are answered the numbers disappear from the screen, only to be replaced by others. It is a clear indication of the fast-paced environment and demanding role of call centre operators.

Neckpiece for a Call Centre Operator was inspired by the sense of pressure that is associated with this customer service role - a role that was essentially born out of modern economic and technological need.
The call centre environment is the stage for customer service delivery chosen by many businesses today. The call centre operator in turn is the voice ultimately responsible for the customer service experience.
Neckpiece for a Call Centre Operator represents the challenge for the call centre operator, achieving a nexus of maximum customer satisfaction in minimal time. The neckpiece references this wanted balance between time and productivity by using the symbolic union of a ‘target’ and a ‘percentage sign’.

‘Thank you for your call, have a nice day.’

Neckpiece for a Call Centre Operator fine silver and 925 silver, 2001 (photograph Deborah Fiori)

Deborah Fiori completed a Bachelor of Education at the University of Melbourne before completing her Bachelor of Fine Art Honour (Gold & Silversmithing) at RMIT. She has exhibited in various galleries around Melbourne and was selected as a Fresh! Craft Victoria Multiplex Award participant in 2000. She has won various awards including the Kodak Award for best third year student at RMIT. This year she studied and exhibited at the La Corte School for the Arts, Italy. She lives in Melbourne.