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Sarah Jane Ross

Jeweller to the Guild of Baristas

baristas, coffee-makers, cappucino pullers
Patron Saint
Achille Gaggia


The Barista is regarded as the most important element in the making of a good coffee. You soon come to know who pulls a good coffee and who lacks the technique. I am not ashamed to say that this has resulted in me memorising the staffing patterns of my local to arrive at ideal coffee moments. The art of the Barista is a combination of passion and science. A good coffee consists of a finely balanced combination of ingredients. The correct coarseness of grind, cup and water temperature and pressure, packing technique and of course quality of beans. It is only when these conditions are right do you find the delicious tan crema produced on the top of a coffee. The crema patterns I received in my daily coffee become a diagnostic-like message by which I began to gauge the day’s potential, but were also indicative of a good brew. I began photographing my morning coffee before I embarked on this project. It is these images I have translated into brooches. Unrecognisable to the outsider but indicative to those who place value on the perfect cup. Hopefully they may ease the fear of the coffee lover when asked ‘Would you like a cup of coffee?’

Coffee Crema sterling silver, fine silver, shakudo, copper, stainless steel Techniques: fabrication, etching, embossing, inlay and patination, 50mm diameter, 2001 (photograph Michael Fletcher)

Brooches for baristas:

machiato, ristretto

latte, cappucino

doppio, espresso



Sarah Jane Ross completed her Bachelor of Fine Art at RMIT, majoring in Gold and Silversmithing in 1991 and commenced teaching at RMIT in 1999. She has participated in group exhibitions in Australia, Japan and the Netherlands. Awards include an Honourable Prize at the 3rd International Jewellery Design Competition, Tokyo (1998) and the Jewellery Association of Australia’s Platinum Jewellery design Award (1996). Sarah lives in Melbourne where she co-directs Studio Ingot.