Dede Pol "Principally, what we’re doing here is drawing an analogy between art and law. This extends beyond the legal implications of art practice, which are manifest in copyright laws and so forth. Our target is instead the unspoken legal structures that underpin how we view works of art."

Dede Pol, virtual curator from Lithuania, welcomes you to the `How Say You' site and invites you to explore the issues, statements and testimonies that it contains.

Poetic Justice
Artists on Trial Eight individuals whose artistic license to create is under investigation
The Hand that Signed the Painting John Dekker is a Melbourne author claiming exotic Macassan ancestry. His version of the Shipping News, My Frankston Bugis, is a runaway success, until...
The Secret Life of Francis Geyer Francis Geyer has long been thought a fanciful pen name of a famous Tasmanian poet. Recent news suggests that he actually existed. Why do Green politicians taken such an interest in the case?
Malley versus Malley a famous case of literary hoax ends with a telling truth
Argument An argument why non-entities should be taken seriously
Background Thinking that led up to the How Say You exhibition
Diary A chronicle of events directly and indirectly related to the exhibition.
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Parade A parade of non-beings from outside Australia
Wisdom Thoughs on art from the eighteenth century critic, Andrew Marbot
Local heroes A parade of non-beings who have made major contributions to Australian culture

For a more conventional exploration of the law, see CourtTV

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