Robert Baines (VIC) Thirteen shapes made from crankled channels in powder-coated brass containing water that refracts the yellow and black colours. Ros BandtRos Bandt (VIC) Sound of cymbal being submerged in water tank with matching installation
Clare Belfrage (SA) Hot water bottles made of glass Bronwyn Goss (WA) An installation including vessels for collecting dew and rain.
Jacqui Gropp (ACT) Water trapped in glass forms resembling scientific apparatus Adrian Jones (WA) Six galvinised iron trays filled with scented water, from which emerge canvas sheets. Water creeps up the sheets like the Coolgardie safe.
Anne Neil (WA) Homage to C.Y. O'Connor, featuring water pistols filled with sand and crushed water cans Janie Matthews (WA) A delicate rust-marked fabric, falls from the ceiling and pools on the floor
Susan Purdy (Vic) Shadowgrams of glasses Sue Saxon

Sue Saxon (NSW) Installation of lachrymatories (tear containers) with tears from variety of people and situations (Christian, Buddhist, in vain, over spilt milk, etc.)

Liz Williamson (NSW) 5 or 6 squares of jacquard woven fabrics that are stained and/or distressed by water, leaving moiré patterns  
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