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Australian haiku is a growing literary genre that understands a wide brown land from a precise Japanese perspective.

Water Medicine at Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery

Haiku developed in 17th century Japan. The main exponent was Matsuo Basho (1644-1694).They had to contain a seasonal word (kigo) or reference and be about a definite experience - what is now known as a 'haiku moment'.

Now the swinging bridge
Is quieted with creepers
...Like our tendrilled life.

There have been many attempts at haiku by Australian poets. The most distinctive is Robert Gray. Here is one of many:

Soaking the hot bath;
on a radio somewhere
the time pips.-Three o'clock.

There are also a number of websites featuring Australian haiku

Haiku workshop at Wagga Wagga

Here are some haiku from the workshop at Wagga Wagga Regional Art Gallery:

Seventeen wet syllables
Drying on a page
Obedient as mould

Steve Chambers

Its purpose now done
Dry water bag rots in shed
Time is moving on

Wind caught by water
Ruffled shadows in sunlight
LIke our bodied souls

Barbara Chambers

Turning the old pages
the words awoken from slumber
demand my attention

Stephen Ackroyd

The still gallery
crumbles beneath a frenzy
of children's voices

Michele Fromholtz

the first cool breeze for weeks
stirs the trees; full moon rising
behind the hills hoist


Ten million years
life work encrusted beauty
eyes to see

Noreen Junck

Salt growing on Adrian Jones sculpture.



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