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Suggested sounds for Whistling Past the Millennium, to be recorded for the final CD-ROM

Name Sound
Chris Wallace-Crabbe sound of fridge starting at night
Humphrey Poland Hand tools
Brenda Ludeman pages turning in the State Library 
Clare Williamson Super 8 projector
Jon McCormack Television switching off
James Button The threshing sound of a manual rotary lawnmower
Alison Bennett Silence
Merryn Gates needle on record
Rachel Buchanan lift door opening
Norman Day When I was a little child, the Russian sputnik would travel around the globe and we could see it in the sky, swinging from west to east like a moving star. At the same time, the radio ( I believe it was ABC) , would play the noise the satellite was making as it travelled over Australia - which was a PING.......PING.......PING......... It was the most progressive sound of an idea I had ever heard. My parents told me that it was the start of humans spreading into space.
Jill Jones A telephone dialling, i.e. a phone with a dial as opposed to a keyboard, and of one of these phones ringing
Andrew Tate The 6-oclock swill. Barman; "time gentlemen"