What if Australia had been colonised by Russians? Gladstone
  • Details of quilt made by Gladstone descendent of Russians who came to Queensland via China.
  • What participants in the workshop were given to develop their story of Australia as its might have been colonised by Russians.
  • Yarwun Primary school (right), where most of the Russians in the Gladstone community received their education.
  • Story of the Guerrassimoffs
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  • Story of the settlement by Old Believers and the mirror-like relation between the antipodean Russia, Yuzhem, and its northern original.
  • Interpretation of the traditional Russian flag and map of Yuzhem with New Zealand
  • Narrative of Anastasia's escape from the Russian Revolution and her forced marriage to the Tsar of Yuzhem
  • Bubba recounts the dramatic story of a Russian princess lost in the wilds of Yuzhem
  • The Princess returns to the palace and confronts her usurper
  • Family gather around Maresha, hoping for a recovery