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Robin Best
Jo Crawford
Steven Goldate
Andrea Hylands
Nelia Justo
Karl Millard
Damon Moon
Susan Ostling
Pilar Rojas
Mary Scott
Gwendolyn Zierdt


Unglazed ceramic Damon Moon contrasts a photograph from Belle Magazine with the uncanny presence of real objects.
Andrea Hylands offers an illusion of weightlessness with paper clay.
Susan Ostling conjures ephemeral forms from earthy terracotta.
Pilar Rojas makes ceramics out of crocheted wool.
Off-line Steven Goldate’s ceramics suspended from the ceiling take their form from the coasts of New Zealand and Arabia.
Robin Best’s works reflect the landscape contours of the Australian interior.
Release surface tension Ben Edols & Kathy Elliott’s glassware is meticulously ground to offer a deceptively soft surface.
Karl Millard attempts a similar effect in metal to produce quite organic forms.
Mary Scott paints on sandblasted glass to create an impression of exquisite unattainability.
High-fibre Nelia Justo’s weavings from lacquered copper capture voices of the silk route.
Gwen Zierdt’s monochromatic weavings present a message from the Unabomber through computerised craft


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