Accompanying the Turn the Soil exhibition tour, a series of workshops will construct specific historical scenarios. Follow links to explore what might have happened the British hadn't colonised Australia.

Shukkinak, a country to dye for, tells the story of Australia as it might have been colonised by ancient Phoenicians. This Semitic civilisation provides a haven for the lost souls of Western countries, despite persisting in human sacrifice. The ruins of this continent tell an obscure story of the hybrid cults developed from Levantine mysticism and Aboriginal mythology. March 1997
Yuzhem storyYuzhem, a country to believe in, imagines an Australia that resists change. Old Believers, persecuted in Russia, take over from the abandoned convict settlement and find ways to consolidate their simple lifestyles. Unfortunately, the world soon knocks at their door and they are compelled to adopt the very hierarchies of power they tried to escape. May 1997
South Australia

Shao-lin, where the foot is mightier than the sword, figures Australia as a centre for the martial arts, in which the creative skills of the far east have an opportunity to spread themselves freely, unhampered by imperial agendas.

July 1997
South Australia
Copy of crthous2.wmf.gif (3318 bytes)Artemos, where women have their way, depicts a population divided over claims to religious mystery, with women expelling men from the land to enjoy their sacred rights Sept 1997
GermanGerman colonisation put on hold for a later date. Dec 1997
Dutch explorerNieuw Holland when the Dutch blew in is a story of contact between the southern continent and South Africa, where the outback becomes populated by escaped slaves, leading to a revolt by joined Aboriginal and African forces. Meanwhile, the continent is marked by great engineering feats. Feb 1998
Aboriginal The three options, either Australia gradually becomes an Islamic state, is exploited by ruthless operators keen to play on tribal rivalries, or develops into a utopian settlement where information technology merges with mythological dreaming. May 1998
New South Wales
ScandanavianMad Max meets Lord of the Rings in the Viking scenario of Scandinavian colonisation of Australia, where violent Nordic mythology is tempered by the rainbow snake--Woomera. July 1998
New South Wales
The Portuguese Promise the world a rose garden in their antipodean colony, Lusitania. Oct 1998