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Miyuki Nakahara

is a Melbourne jeweller whose work for GKW is:

  • MSG (6 Tins)
Miyuki Nakahara

MSG tins, gallery installation

Artist's statement:

A Little Taste of Chemistry

Miyuki Nakahara has recycled tins that once contained the notorious food additive MSG. As a child in post-war Japan, Nakahara was not only told that MSG was "good for you," but that she would "get clever" if she ate a lot of it. Once considered essential to the rapid preparation of good food (especially Asian food), MSG was fast, handy, healthy. There is no need to waste time preparing stock., MSG can simply be sprinkled onto the dish. In remembrance of these qualities, Nakahara has repousseed images of MSG's outstanding characteristics onto the tins.

MSG is now considered a serious health risk.

Miyuki Nakahara

May 1999


Born 1959 Japan

Currently Working 1992198 Partner, Workshop 3000 Melbourne

Cohnimoto Melbourne

Training 1987 Bachelor of Arts

Gold and Silversmithing

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

1988 Militons Melbourne

Craft traineeship with Marian Marshall

Residencies/Workshops 1998 Adelaide, Jam Factory

Contemporary Craft and Design

Professional Experience 1992196 Monash University

Gold and Silversmithing Department

Part-time lecturer

1989192 Workshop 3000 Melbourne

Part-time assistant

1989 Militons Melbourne

Part-time assistant

Major Commissions/Awards 1994 Australia Council

1991 Visual Arts and Crafts Board

Project Development Grant

Solo Exhibitions 1994 Melbourne, Christine Abrahams Gallery

Second Hand

1992 Melbourne, Blaxiand Gallery

Myer Melbourne

Two Person Exhibitions 1998 Melbourne, Meat Market

Craft Centre, Next Wave Festival

with Andrew Last

1988 Sydney, Contemporary Jewellery Gallery

Award Exhibition

with Pamela Androde

Selected Group Exhibitions 1988/1997 Australia, Asia and Europe

1997 Melbourne, National Gallery of Victoria

Cicelly and Colin Rigg Craft Award 1997

1996 Melbourne, Craft Victoria


1995 Melbourne, 101 Collins Street


Represented National Gallery of Victoria

National Gallery of Australia

Jewish Museum, Melbourne