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David Ray

is a Melbourne ceramicist whose work for GKW is:

  • Clown food terrine ( Earthenware)

  • Gravy boat ( Earthenware)

  • Salt & Pepper ( Earthenware)

  • Sugar bowl ( Earthenware)

  • Candle stick holders ( Earthenware)

  • Crumb plates ( Earthenware)
David Ray


The industrial revoulution of the 18th century paved the way for the mechanical mass production of ceramic objects. This saw the decline of hand works in our every day lives. The idea of producing a meal quickly began in Amerca during the fifty's. As the industrial evolved in to the technical revolution , the production of food has also changed. Some fast food outlets can offer you the same taste , texture, and envoirment across the globe. Suppermarkets are jamed packed with pre-prepared food to aparently save one time. AS our choice of food like the humble cup, we are saying good buy natrual, fresh food in our daily lives. This is a reflection of a growing mechanical culture that feeds on colors, flavourings and preservatives. Food that is limp and with out life. `WE ARE WHAT WE EAT`

Clown food terrine

'Clown food' installation

David Ray installating his Clown Food setting