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Artist's Statement

With this work I am using hot water bottles to create a series of pictures. I am using a hot water bottle because of its particular relationship between water and the body. To many people, it is a domestic object of intimacy and comfort. I hold a hot water bottle to me and it knows my body, takes on my impression, thaws me. With water as the key element contained, these forms are used to give a suggestion of mapping and currents, imprinting and staining, residue, memory and reflection, while having an undercurrent of our relationship to the land.  

Watery Memory Glass, enamel, wood & nails 30 x 15 x 0


Selected Exhibitions

1999    Three Perspectives in Glass, Axia Modern Art, Vic

     Ausglass Members Exhibition, Wagga Wagga City Art Gallery, NSW

1998    Line Drawings, Solo Exhibition JamFactory, SA

     RFC Glass Prize, touring exhibition, Glass Artists Gallery, NSW

     Locate/relocate, Craftwest and touring regional Western Australia

1997    Aroma, Solo Exhibition, Beaver Galleries, Canberra, ACT


Artbank, Wagga Wagga National Art Glass Collection, Museum and Art Gallery of Tasmania,

Northern Territory Museum, Curtin University Collection


1999    Neues Glas, New Glass Review 20

1997       Masters of Their Craft, Noris loannou

1995       Australian Studio Glass, The Movement, Its Makers and Their Art, Noris loannou


Curator's Statement

Smaller than life size, these hot water bottles invite a cosiness that evokes the nocturnal comforts of their rubber versions. The travel of a hot water bottle down the body during the nocturnal journey is reflected in the contour lines. Clare Belfrage subtly elucidates the role of this object as a source of our winter dreaming.
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