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Liz Williamson


Artist's Statement

'Flow' traces water from its source to use through images associated with use—from the creek to the land surface through pipes, hoses, tanks and taps. These are snapshots and remembrances from my childhood in Central Victoria where the summer days were long, hot and very dry and full of shifting irrigation pipes, moving garden hoses, swimming, drinking water and conserving energy.

Tap Wool, wool blend and rayon threads 90 x 46


Solo Exhibitions

1999       Surface, Crawford Gallery, Sydney, NSW.

1998    Wraps, Beaver Galleries, Canberra, ACT.

1995       Undulations, Beaver Galleries, Canberra, ACT.

1994    New Colour, Craftspace, Sydney, NSW.

1993    Pieces of Colour, Main Gallery, Jam Factory Craft and Design Centre, Adelaide, SA.

1992    Wraps and Scarves, Brown Paper Gallery, Lawson, NSW.


1997    Worn and Worn, Textiles of Liz Williamson by Anne Brennan, Crafts Arts International, No 39

1994    Gilding the Landscape, review of Pieces of Colour exhibition by Catherine Speck, Object, 1

1988    Liz Williamson, by Sarah Cottier, Interior Design, Issue 10

1987       Cushion the Blow, Interior Design, Issue 12

Curator's Statement

Liz Williamson's work represents a radical departure from her previous weavings, which used water primarily as an agent in distressing her fabrics. For this exhibition she has turned back to the traditional form of tapestry, though mediated by a computer used for translating scanned images into a Jacquard loom. As elsewhere in this exhibition, photography re-emerges outside the darkroom. In this case, the varied shrinking properties of the fibres creates a webbed texture, highlighting their construction.
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