Robert Baines

Ros Bandt

Clare Belfrage
Bronwyn Goss
Jacqui Gropp
Adrian Jones
Janie Matthews
Anne Neil
Susan Purdy
Sue Saxon
Liz Williamson


Artist's Statement

Transparent, lucent glass vessels stand, containers of thought and reflections upon the materiality and ubiquity of water. Referencing the scientific, its apparatus, they invite observation and contemplation of the liquids contained within.  Clear and odourless, each reveal a reflection, a vertical flow of ideas.

View with lucidity and intuition 

Ubique (Series of Five) Borosilicate and mirror glass, water, rusted steel, earth, iron oxide, Sodium Chloride, and pigments 45 x 10 x 150


Selected Exhibitions

1999       Sculptural Objects Functional Art, New York 1999, Chappell Gallery, USA

Canberra Glass, Chappell Gallery, Boston, USA

1998    Venezia Aperto Vetro 1998, Istituto Statale d’Arte, Venice, Italy

Talente ‘98, Munich, Germany

Awards And Prizes

1999    The Thomas Foundation Professional Pilchuck Scholarship

1998    Peter & Lena Karmel Anniversary Award for Art

ACT Arts Development Funding Program Grant

David Thomas Foundation Travelling Grant

1997    The Australian National University Acquisition Award

The Chief Minister’s Award, ACT Legislative Assembly

Curator's Statement

Jacqueline Gropp's vessels speak a scientific precision. Ornate structures indicate complex laboratory procedures. A closer look, however, reveals devices for 'dousing', a technique of water divining that is subject to ridicule by scientists. Like homeopathy, there is little evidence or logic for its existence. However, Gropp grants this a poetic meaning by association with other 'hidden' waters, such as underground reserves and the aqueous solution through which the entire world is made visible -- the eyeball.

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