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Artist's Statement

tears (terz) [L. lacrimae; Gr.dakryal the watery secretion of the lacrimal glands which serves to moisten the conjunctiva; the secretion is slightly alkaline and saline.

Dorlands Illustrated Medical Dictionary, Edition 28


lachrymatory (‘lækrim?t?ri), a. and sb. [ad.L. type *lacrimatorius, f. lacrimare: see LACHRYMATION.]

B. sb.

1.         A vase intended to hold tears; applied by archaeologists, with doubtful correctness, to those small phials of glass, alabaster, etc., which are found in ancient Roman tombs.

1658 SIR T.BROWNE Hydriot. 23 No?Lachrymatories, or TearBottles attended these rural Urnes. a 1711 KFN Hymnoth. Poet. Wks. 1721 111. 72 Magdalen’s Tears?her Lachrymatory filVd. 1807 G. CHALMERS Caledonia I.I.iv. 147 There have been dug up here .. a Roman lachrymatory, and also a pig of lead. 1842 CARLYLE in Mem. Ld. Tennyson (1897) 1. 214 There is in me what would fill whole Lachrymatories, as 1 read.

2.            humorously. A pocket? handkerchief.

1825 New Monthly Mag. X111. 208 Women will he stationed in the pit with white cambric lachrymatories, to exchange for those which have become saturated with the tender tears of sympathy. 1844 Fraser’s Mag. XXX. 331/1 Our lachrymals were unhumected, our lachrymatories never called into requisition.

The Oxford English Dictionary, Second Edition 

the tears I cried for you Glass, cork, wax, tears, aluminium brackets 20 x 2



Individual Exhibitions

1997    your name, Inaugural Exhibition, Contemporary Program, The Jewish Museum, Melbourne

1994    Ultima, Rom Gallery, Sydney

1993    Malom To, Torok Furdo - Turkish Bathhouse in collaboration with Heimo Wallner, Budapest, Hungary

Foyalmot Galeria - The Danube Water-meter Gallery in collaboration with Sandy Saxon, Budapest, Hungary

Selected Group Exhibitions

1998    Edifying Sappho & Socrates 1998 Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras, Darlinghurst Community Centre

1997       Neshamah - Eventspace, The Performance Space, Sydney

1996    Art & Remembrance - Jewish Museum, Melbourne

Artists for Habitat - Kenneth Winslow, New York

Nostalgic - Monash University Gallery, Melbourne

1995       Crossing Territories, Jewish Arts Festival, Powerhouse Museum

1994, Moet et Chandon Travelling Exhibition, all State galleries

Selected publications

1998       Wrestling with difficult issues, Anna Epstein, Art and the Spirit, vol 18, no 1, Artlink

1998       Changing Cultures and Glittering Prizes, Joanna Mendelssohn, Emerging Artists, vol 17, no 4, Artlink

1995    Sue Saxon: Ultima, Jay Johnston, Eyeline, Winter

Curator's Statement

There is something strange and confronting in Sue Saxon's lachrymatories. Crying is a personal act. To put its products on display seems like an invasion of privacy. Yet on a large scale such as Sue Saxon's installation, it provides a way of visualising the condition of humans as vessels for the transfer of fluids. Schopenhauer once remarked how each individual has their assigned level poured into their cup of happiness. We might consider the sum of tears that each individual has to shed in his or her life.
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